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Welcome to the 2021 LOLL Season

UpdatedFriday April 9, 2021 byLive Oak Little League.

I want to thank everyone for joining us this year for baseball and I am so happy that we are going to be able to get on to the field! The league practice schedule is attached below. 

Everyone who is going to volunteer needs to be registered through our website. Those of you who registered received a background check email from a company named JDP. Our website shows an example of what that email will look like. Please fill it out as soon as you receive it. 

As part of the registration process, everyone acknowledged our COVID protocols, but as part of our contract with the School District, we need to have all players and volunteers sign three more documents. The links for those documents are below and will need to be turned in to your team's parents/managers before our opening weekend of April 17.

                LOSD Coronavirus Addendum Form

                LOSD Waiver and Release Form

                LOSD Hold Harmless Form 

Your team managers and team parents will be communicating with you primarily through the Sports Sign up Play app. This is a great way to communicate with your team, coaches, and team parent. You have access to see your team’s schedule, once it has been completed, and by using the check-in feature, you can let your coaches know if you will be at events. It is also a great way to share team photos with each other.

If you have questions about how to register, applying for scholarships, or forms and proofs of residency please contact the player agent directly. Kellie: 831-566-0881

COVID Changes (subject to change):


Coaches and Board Members

Coaches and board members will always wear face coverings or masks. Coaches and board members will maintain strict social distancing and never have physical contact with athletes unless in emergencies or injuries. Before a scheduled practice session or game, coaches and board members will do a health screening assessment at home. The screening will include a series of health questions specific to COVID-19 and a temperature check. If a coach or board member has symptoms and or answers yes to any of the questions, they will not participate.


Players and Families

Before a scheduled practice session or game, parents or guardians are required to do a health screening assessment at home for each athlete. The home assessment should include a body temperature check of less than 100.4 degrees and an assessment of symptoms including a cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headaches, recent loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, and nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. If an athlete or household member does have a body temperature above 100.4 degrees and any of the listed symptoms, do not bring the athlete to the practice or game.


Player Drop Off/Pick Up

One entrance and one exit to the training fields for athletes will also be established. Athletes will be required to wear face coverings/masks to and from their vehicle during drop off and pick up. 



Health screening will be done before coming on the field. The screening will be administered by a LOLL coach for signs or symptoms of COVID-19. The screening will include a series of health questions specific to COVID-19 and a temperature check. If an athlete has symptoms and or answers yes to any of the questions, they will not be allowed to participate, and their parents will be notified and told to pick them up. Athletes are required to wear face coverings/masks during the check-in. 


Distancing During Practice

While practicing in their designated groups, the athletes will keep their belongings on the field’s outer perimeter and create their own space at least six feet apart from other athletes in their group. While on breaks from active training, the athletes should go to their own space and not closely socialize, share equipment, water, or cell phones. The wearing of face coverings/ masks is highly encouraged while not actively training.



At the conclusion of practice, athletes are required to gather their belongings and leave the field in a timely manner. While leaving, the athletes will not socialize, social distance, wear face coverings/masks, and leave through the designated exit to meet their ride home.



Hand sanitizer will be required at each practice and game. Athletes are required to sanitize their hands before getting on the training field. All athletes and coaches will practice good hand hygiene and be encouraged to avoid touching their face, nose, and eyes with their hands as much as possible. All athletes and coaches are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their personal equipment and apparel before training.  Athletes are encouraged not to share equipment, but equipment will be wiped down in between events if unavoidable. 


General Guidelines

  • All activities during Live Oak Little League will follow State and Local Health Department guidelines for Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports, social distancing, and health and safety.
  • LOLL is completely voluntary. No LOLL athlete or family will be explicitly or implicitly required to participate in baseball practice or games and may opt to not participate (after registration fees are paid, there are no refunds). 
  • Every Coach will be required to verify acknowledgment of these guidelines by signing an agreement before working with the athletes during baseball season.
  • The snack shack will be closed for the foreseeable future. Athletes should bring their own water or snacks to practice and sharing is not allowed. 
  • If any athlete, coach, or staff member is positively diagnosed with COVID-19 during the program, the affected person’s specific training cohort will be immediately suspended from training for a 10-day minimum quarantine period. The LOLL Board of Directors will immediately convene if this situation presents itself to discuss any other needed action. 



2021 Practice Schedule LOLL.pdf

Little League 2021

The 2021 Season of Live Oak Little League.